What am I doing now?

I am in Bengaluru, India loving the weather and the morning bike rides but not the traffic and the rainy roads.

Most time in my day is stolen by the following:

Working as a UX Designer as part of the Demo-Engineering Team to better experiences for Sales conversions at Salesforce, Bangalore.
• Working on the documentation of my Graduation Project which was at Adobe Systems on Future of Collaborative Experiences for Creatives.
• Trying to read at least one book a month (currently reading People Watching), 2 Thirukkural a  day. (See my reading recommendations here)
• Creating one prototype a day (using Framer, Sketch/XD, Principle, Origami) to get better at my ideation-execution game as well obtain prowess with the tools of the trade.
• Spending time regularly to write at least a piece to get myself going in the writing game. (See my 30 thoughts in 30 words & 30 days piece and other penned articles here).
• Setting up routine for a utopian future balancing Wellness+Work+Side projects.​​​​​​​
• Toddling with HTML/CSS and iOS development to tinker toys in the future.

I am working on all the above to make them my main priorities.
This update was on July 2, 2018.

I consume a lot of motivation/knowledge/know-how through blogs/internet and create stuff. So, I took this step to have a public declaration, so that it acts as a self-reminder.

And lastly, this page was inspired by Derek Sivers, and a shout out to Suraj Barthy, for making me know about him.
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